Wine Quiz

Which of these actors became a wine producer?

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Wearing the veil courts controversy these days. What does the veil mean in wine language?

Which brand, whose labels featured birds, was once among Australia’s most famous red wines, but is now reduced to cheap, anonymous fizz?

To a winemaker, when is it helpful to bleed?

Saigner means ‘to bleed’; a saignée is when some juice is drained off before fermentation in order to concentrate a wine.

Which of these Australians have won Decanter magazine’s Man of The Year award for excellence in wine?

What grape variety is Italy’s sparkling wine Prosecco made from?

Which of these famous Margaret River wineries was founded by a doctor?

Which grapevine’s leaf is distinguished by having a naked-base petiolar sinus?

Why is Chianti Classico never sealed with a screw-cap?

Rutherglen is famous for fortified wines made from muscat and muscadelle (‘topaque’). Which one of the ways below do these wines differ?