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Imported reds

I recently tasted my way through a couple of hundred samples from Dan Murphy’s, mostly imported reds and whites, and I was amazed at the quality of many of their exclusive cheapies. These wines focused on the under-$50 area; most were under $20. The value-for-money

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Moscato – Lip Smackingly More-ish

Moscato’s popularity in Australia is booming. But don’t make the mistake of thinking they are all much the same – there’s a vast gulf between the best and worst, the cheapest and the dearest. And the gap is widening.

On paper, moscato should be the most popular wine in the world. It’s slightly sweet and slightly fizzy, has a pretty pink or pale yellow colour, a very low alcohol content and a heaven-sent aroma of fresh muscat grapes. And normally it’s very inexpensive.