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Vintage matters

I get frustrated when I see a sweeping disclaimer on the bottom of a wine list simply stating that ‘vintages are subject to change’.

Wine gadgets – iSommelier

I recently test drove an iSommelier, a futuristic machine that pumps oxygen into wine to speed up the aeration process. In just a minute or two the wine tastes as though it has been decanted for an hour or so. You can “dial up” whatever decanting time you think the wine deserves, taste it and give it a little more air time if you think it’s needed.

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How to order wine in a restaurant without looking like an idiot

Restaurants can be stressful places. I remember suffering from a bad bout of menu stress during my first trip to France when my wife, Marion, and I visited a restaurant in the Algerian section of Bordeaux. The menu was in French and my school French wasn’t up to the job of translation. Marion ordered successfully but the waiter couldn’t understand me. My palms grew moist when first the chef, then the owner arrived at our table to help interpret my order. Beads of perspiration trickled down my cheeks when several customers joined the throng. Finally the chef silenced everyone. He looked at me and made the sound of a chicken, a lamb and a cow. I replied with a feeble “Baaaa”. There was much rejoicing, everyone shook hands and I was duly served a plate of roast lamb (without veges). By then I’d lost my appetite.