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Spanish travels – Pamplona and Bilbao

Pamplona – no bull – is the place to go if you have a lazy weekend in the middle of your visits to Rioja. Or perhaps Bilbao (of which I’ll tell you more later). Pamplona’s running of the bulls in July doesn’t interest me at all, but off-season it’s great.

Flying in style with JAL

By my stage of life, I’ve endured more than my fair share of economy class torture on long-haul overseas flights. Lately, I’ve decided enough is enough and I try to find good deals on business class fares.

Travelling in Priorat

Standing on her hilltop vantage point Marta Rovira Carbonell says: “On a clear day we can see Spain from here.” It’s a local joke: this is Catalonia, not Spain, as the locals see it. The separatist movement is alive and well. A huge piece of graffiti on the roadside reads: “Independence for Catalan country: we are and we will be”.