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Dry whites

Summer is coming and with it, a thirst for light, crisp, refreshing dry whites. Aussie semillons, sauvignon blancs and blends of the two are just the shot for slaking the thirst and accompanying summery meals which are big on fish and seafood, salads, cold meats and vegetables.

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Provenance awards a welcome addition to wine shows

Provenance awards are gaining currency in Australian wine competitions, which is a very positive development. The Royal Adelaide Wine Show led the way six years ago with its Gramp, Hardy, Hill Smith Trophy; now the Hunter Valley Wine Show, Canberra Regional Wine Show and Heathcote

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Hunter Valley Legends Announced

Andrew Thomas of Thomas Wines has won the Hunter Valley’s Winemaker of the Year Award for the second time. And Tulloch Wines has won Cellar Door of the Year, also for the second time. Thomas has achieved great critical and market success with his semillon

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Grassy Varieties For Summer Salads

There seems no end to our love of sauvignon blanc and associated styles, led by the semillon sauvignon blanc blends from Western Australia. These light, fresh, crisply herbaceous dry whites are just the shot for drinking in a hot Aussie summer. They team well with