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Argentinean malbec

At the Six Nations Wine Challenge in Sydney last year, Argentina won seven out of the ten top places in the Malbec class with Australia occupying the other three places. No surprises there. I chose not to enter any New Zealand Malbecs in that class.

NZ wins Six Nations

After three days spent judging around 600 wines we’ve got a result, and it’s a good one for New Zealand. We won five out of the 16 classes as well as country of the show. That’s great news for New Zealand’s winemakers and especially good news for those whose wines were chosen to compete in this Olympian event.

Trial by Tannin

Having just sniffed, slurped and spat 600 wines in three days at the Six Nations Wine Challenge I think I should alert readers to the downside of judging.

Palate cleansers – cheese and apple

“Buy on apple; sell on cheese” is an old wine-trade saying from the distant past. Wine merchants would cleanse their own palates with fresh apple while they were tasting with a view to buying wine for their own businesses. Apple refreshes and sharpens the palate. But if the same merchants were selling wine to their customers, they would feed them cheese.