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Riedel Central Otago Pinot Noir glass

Good wine needs a good glass. As Hugh Johnson put it so eloquently, a wine needs the right glass just as a painting needs the right frame. The Riedel family of Austria has made a great business out of designing and making crystal stemware (‘glassware’ doesn’t seem the right word) to suit every major grape variety, and even regional expressions of same. Riedel is now working on a Clare Valley riesling glass and a Rutherglen muscat glass. The latest regional varietal glass hit my desk the other day: the Central Otago pinot noir glass (we’ll call it the COPN glass for short).

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Four ways to classify muscat

Not only do Rutherglen’s winemakers produce the world’s most luscious and complex fortified muscat and topaque (muscadelle), they have a unique system of classifying them. There are four levels of quality which loosely correlate with age, but most importantly, style. The older the blended age of these non-vintage wines, the more rich, complex and profound they are in bouquet and flavour.

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The Quest For Muscat Glass Design

Wine glass designer par excellence Georg Riedel last week conducted a tasting in Rutherglen in his quest to find a suitable design for a special Rutherglen Muscat glass. A group of wine writers and local winemakers tasted a number of muscats in 14 different Riedel