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Mr Grumpy: Sexism on a wine label

d’Arenberg winemaker, Chester Osborne, may have stepped over the mark when he announced the release of a new wine label called ‘The old bloke and three young blondes’, a blend of old Shiraz with three young white grape varieties.

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Getting catty about food labeling

Chinese-grown, Hepatitis A-infected frozen blueberries have been in the news lately. The packaging did not mention the blueberries came from China. It’s got me all hot and bothered about food labeling in general.  Take cat-food. Are cat-owners really that gullible? Take a stroll down the

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Leaf-blowers, peace destroyers

Why would anyone use a motorized leaf-blower? It’s just a loud advertisement that says to the world: “I am a moron”. “Come and see the moron cleverly blowing a few leaves from A to B and making more noise than an F/A 18 taking off”.

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Bank Bashing

Bank bashing is a favourite national pastime, and with good reason. It’s been a much-gnawed bone of contention that we have to go to a bank and stand in a line to deposit a cheque, and then we have to wait for three days to

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Big Banks Bogus Fees

Australia’s big banks are a law unto themselves. Our retail banking sector is dominated by the Big Four, which is hardly great competition. Banks siphon our money off in ways that we can do little about. One of my beefs is the notorious lag-time between

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Duvet Doldrums

It was a hot January day when I checked into the Canberra hotel. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” asked the receptionist as she handed over the key. “What’s on the bed, a blanket or a duvet?” I inquired. “Why, a duvet,”