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Categories on the fringe

The UK-based market research organisation, Wine Intelligence, has released a summary of a report on a wine category they have labelled “Sustainable, Organic & Lower-alcohol” (SOLA) wine.

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Tracking trends

Albariño is Spain’s most prestigious white grape variety. It also does pretty well in Portugal where they call it Alvarinho. Just because it performs with distinction in Spain and Portugal doesn’t mean that Albariño will cut the mustard in this part of the world. A lot of distinguished Italian grape varieties, for example, only perform on the home ground.

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Restaurant wine lists too trendy

Something has gone very wrong with Australia’s top restaurant wine lists. From my viewpoint – and I’ve been on judging panels of wine list awards for 20 years – our top restaurant wine lists have lost their way.

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Tony Ingle profile

Tony Ingle’s arrival at Angove Family Winemakers in 2003 has been pivotal in the rebirth of the venerable company as a quality wine producer. He has greatly improved its wines and driven the re-orientation away from bulk wine to smaller-lot high-quality table wines. He’s inspired the organic push, the creation of a boutique winery within the big Renmark winery, and the sourcing of grapes from other regions. He was deeply involved in the company’s move to expand into McLaren Vale and buy the Warboys Vineyard in 2008, which has resulted in some outstanding additions to the portfolio.

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Riverland winegrowers switch on to montepulciano

Riverland winegrowers Bruce and Val Bassham are going the full monty. Montepulciano, that is. The montepulciano grape, whose home is the Abbruzzi region in central eastern Italy, has taken enthusiastically to the Riverland and the Basshams reckon it’s one of their best wines. They sell it for $24 under their Bassham Wines label. The 2012 is a fine wine of deep colour and good intensity of flavour, structured and seamless, with modest alcohol (13.5 per cent) and more savouriness than some of the ultra-fruity Riverland wines.

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Malbec grape has magical allure

This Thursday is World Malbec Day, a day nominated by Argentina’s winemakers, but surely a day to celebrate the wine, wherever the grapes were grown. It’s worth reflecting on Argentinian malbec, which is one of the great winemaking phenomena of our time – along with Marlborough sauvignon blanc and Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon. All three are wines which have turned the wine world on its head.

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Green growing methods on trial

A French winemaker is being prosecuted by the French authorities for not spraying his vineyard with insecticide. Emmanuel Giboulot is a Burgundy winemaker who began using organic practices in his vineyard back in 1985, and has since graduated to biodynamic management. He would lose his certification if he sprayed what he’s being asked to spray. But he could go to jail or face a heavy fine if convicted.