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Yarra Valley immersion

The Yarra Valley Wine Program is a two-day immersion for the wine trade and media hosted by local winemakers in the Yarra Valley every two years.

Drinking Barolo

What is the ideal age to drink Barolo? Enzo Brezza (pictured) of the Barolo winery Giacomo Brezza paid the Sydney wine trade a visit recently and confessed that he preferred to drink his own Barolos relatively young.

Latest wines from Fletcher

Nebbiolo-head Dave Fletcher, the young Aussie winemaker who works for Ceretto in Piedmont, dropped in to Sydney last week. Two years ago, I visited his future winery, the overgrown former Barbaresco railway station, which he and his wife Eleanor had purchased to renovate as their winery, home and cellar door.

Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio (pictured) is one of the greatest producers of Barolo, but you won’t find him in many of the classic books on Barolo. He established his company only in 1986, having split from his brother and father – also Barolo winemakers. His wines first came to Australia in 1995 when Red + White, which is still his importer, brought in the 1989 vintage.

Born & Raised new releases

David Messum is the owner and winemaker of Born & Raised, a young Englishman who has been in Australia nine years and has a plan. His slogan is that he makes small-batch, alternative Australian styles. That’s pretty much what you have to do if you’re a new, small entrant into winemaking these days. It’s hard to get a run in retail shops, and a cellar door is not an option at this stage, but if you can angle your wines at the sommeliers and frequenters of small winebars, you might have a chance.