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Retro wines

Like many of my generation (BB, that is) I’m transfixed by the recent fashion for retro wines. This is my term for wines made in old-fashioned ways, and I’m not talking of Whitehill beater crushers, hand-cranked basket presses, old oak and forked stalks, à la Rockford winery. I’m talking seriously old: clay amphorae and ceramic eggs for fermenters, white grapes fermented on their skins, reds fermented on their stalks, minimal or zero additions (such as yeast, bacteria, acid, tannin, yeast nutrients, sulfites, etc.), and sustainable viticulture – especially organic or biodynamic.

‘Orange’ wine

“Orange” wine (also known as “amber” wine) is attracting a growing number of followers and, I suspect, an equally growing number of critics. It is a (usually) dry wine made from white grape varieties that have spent some considerable time on the grape skins, giving the wine an orange colour.

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Skin-contact whites

Natural wine, amphora wine, orange wine,unsulfured wine. There are lots of alternative methods being trialled by winemakers, most of them far from new. On the contrary, they hark back to the ancients. I’ve tasted many so-called ‘orange’ wines, which are whites that have been fermented