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Mahana on the market

One of Nelson’s most glamorous wineries is on sale shortly after a bid to freeze the company’s assets as two American investors take legal action against owner Glenn Schaffer.

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Michael Glover moves on

Bannockburn Vineyards, one of Australia’s leading small wineries, is losing its colourful and charismatic winemaker Michael Glover. He will leave in January after nine years at Bannockburn, returning to his native New Zealand. For an iconic wine property like Bannockburn (tastings) to have found Glover

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Baptism of winemaking virgins

Baptism Of Fire is the name given to a collection of 2013 vintage shiraz wines made from Mount Langi Ghiran Vineyard fruit by several groups of mainly young people – all winemaking virgins – as a learning experience. Importantly, you and I can buy the wines:

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Moorilla and Mona: Wine, Food, Beer, Art

A side of beef, neatly dismembered and hanging from butcher’s hooks for several days until it goes putrid, is displayed on one wall, opposite a Sidney Nolan work from the 1960s. In between are piles of smelly black coal. The contrast between all three is bizarre. In a side-room, a machine consisting of a series of glass flasks linked by glass tubing digests food scraps from a restaurant, and once a day at the far end of the line a small but perfectly-formed turd drops onto a platter. In other rooms, gold coins from ancient Greece and Egyptian sarcophagi share space with modern paintings, one of which depicts female sexual parts.