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Sauvignon blanc gets savvy

I’ve been drinking more sauvignon blanc than usual these last few days. But not just any old sauvignon blanc. This grape variety polarizes wine drinkers. It’s a love/hate thing. Sometimes it seems as though the aficionados automatically despise anything that achieves mass popularity. Like Ken Done’s art, ABBA’s music, moscato or pinot gris.

Dry whites

Summer is coming and with it, a thirst for light, crisp, refreshing dry whites. Aussie semillons, sauvignon blancs and blends of the two are just the shot for slaking the thirst and accompanying summery meals which are big on fish and seafood, salads, cold meats and vegetables.

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Indulge Yourself

Levantine Hill Samantha’s Paddock Melange Traditionelle, Yarra Valley 2012 $125 Value: fair The name denotes a blend of the Bordeaux red varieties and the wine tastes cabernet-based, with clean, fresh berry and herb aromas backed by fine oak, the structure elegant and refined. The finish