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What to drink with your festive feast

When I was a youngster (cue violins), Christmas involved a menu inherited from the ‘old country’ where Christmas happens in winter: multiple courses of hot, hearty food of head-spinning richness. A choice of three roasted meats, a glazed ham, boiled pudding with cream and ice cream, custard and brandy butter sauce, rich alcoholic trifle, you name it. These days, commonsense prevails and we’re more into cold dishes such as seafood and salads and vegetables, with fruit-salad or berry dessert to follow.

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Pushing the Envelope with Riesling

It’s been difficult to avoid drinking riesling this summer – not that you’d want to avoid it! This week (6-7 February) sees the Frankland Estate International Riesling Tasting returning to Sydney, and there are several other riesling events: Summer of Riesling, Wrapped In Riesling and the Great Southern Riesling Tasting.