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Wine to impress

“I’ve been invited to a party hosted by a well-known winemaker. Everyone is expected to bring a bottle. Most of the guests are very wine knowledgeable. Can you recommend a wine that won’t make me look like an idiot?” asked a friend with just a hint of desperation in her voice. Here are the options I gave her.

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Boutique Wine Awards 2012

Having chaired the judging panel since the Boutique Wine Awards began, I never cease to be impressed by what the small end of the wine business can deliver. The 2012 competition produced trophy winners in all 14 categories, which doesn’t often happen… this year, for instance, the sparkling wine class was stronger than usual, yielding a gold-medal wine. Some trophies went to famous names; several went to producers I’d never heard of. Here are the stories behind a selection of them.