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The world of riesling used to be simple. One wine per vintage, and for some producers, a late-picked or ‘spatlese’ as well. These days, it’s more complicated. Many riesling makers have several bottlings each year. These are usually single-vineyard or single sub-region or single region wines celebrating a specific terroir. Sometimes they are wines of multiple sweetness levels.

Pinot Gris impresses

I have an undeserved reputation for not liking Pinot Gris. What I don’t like is Pinot Gris that lacks flavour or is cloyingly sweet, as well as wines with grippy, drying tannins. A few years ago a good percentage of local Pinot Gris suffered from those faults. Now, I’m pleased to say, the overall standard of the latest release wines has risen considerably.

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The world cup of wine

There are many competitions which allow New Zealand wines to compete against those from other countries. Because much of our wine is exported it’s useful to see how they stack up against the competition.

Framingham’s First 15

Framingham’s talented winemaker, Dr Andrew Hedley, called by with his about-to-be-released dessert wines from the 2015 vintage. It’s always a special treat to taste stickies from the country’s best sweet wine maker.

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Riesling heroes

Riesling lovers will be shattered to learn that Auburn, this country’s only Riesling specialist, is about to cease production. Founder, Max Marriott, has moved to Oregon to take up a new winemaking position.

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Pinot gris

I think the word must have got out that I’m fond of pinot gris, such is the stampede of samples that have been coming my way lately. The wine writing community is famously antipathetic towards pinot gris/grigio, so if someone is giving these wines a

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Pinot noir

This month’s tasting uploads include over 100 new-release pinot noirs, about 140 new shirazes, 55 rosés and various others – close to 500 wine reviews, which is the approximate monthly average for www.huonhooke.com. Three 2013 Oakridge (tastings) pinots are a special highlight: these are all superb,

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Alternate white varieties

Viognier, verdelho, vermentino, verdejo, verduzzo, and now verdicchio…What is it with all these vees? There are good wines being made under all those names in Australia now – even if the Pizzini is the only Aussie verdicchio I’ve encountered (tasting), and verduzzo and verdejo aren’t