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Natural Cork Beneficial For Sparklings

I’m a card-carrying cork-hater, but I can’t ignore credible evidence of the goodness of natural cork when it comes my way. There is strong weight of opinion that natural cork not only makes a nice pop when it’s released from sparkling wine, but has an

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Twelve best Oz fizzes

It’s hard work for Australian sparkling winemakers to compete today with the great bargains in direct-imported Champagne, but there is plenty of life in the bubble business. Like any wine style, the best are created by passionate, determined people who are more driven by a desire to make great wine than lots of money. Hardys/Arras continues to lead the charge with its brilliant fizzicist Ed Carr in the driving seat, but it’s encouraging to see small family-owned enterprises like Printhie and Deviation Road having a red-hot go. And there are others – Freycinet, Mount William Winery and Macedon Ridge included. Brown Brothers, Jansz and Domaine Chandon are also steady performers. This is my top dozen pick from my most recent tastings.

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It’s corks all the way for Ed Carr’s bubblies

Sparkling winemaker for the Accolade group, Ed Carr, is convinced natural cork is best for his wines. Carr’s top bubblies, under the House of Arras brand (tastings), include the extraordinary E.J. Carr Late Disgorged Chardonnay Pinot Noir (tastings) and Blanc de Blancs (tastings). Both are