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Champagne gems

In the build-up to the year’s end, I was lucky enough to attend several BYO dinners for hard-core wine heads, including two Champagne dinners.

The greatest wines of 2017

Where to start? Best Australian wines? Best imports? Best current release wines? Best value for money wines? There are simply too many ways to tackle the question.

Who loves ya baby

My email inbox has received a deluge of messages from wine producers who made it to the “World’s Most Admired List” compiled by the UK magazine, Drinks International.

Champagne and sparklings

My latest sparkling and Champagne tasting yielded many superb wines. I do expect high standards from top Champagne houses, while the ‘discovery’ excitement comes from local producers releasing smart wines.

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Dom Perignon Second Plenitude

Dom Perignon has coined a new word for the second phase of maturity of its deluxe Champagne. It’s now the Second Plenitude. Chef de cave Richard Geoffroy recently unveiled the 1998 P2 in Sydney.  It’s the same wine as the original 1998 Dom Perignon with

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Tasting wine at altitude

Long-haul international flights are an ordeal if you have to travel economy class. Added to the dehydration, discomfort, the stress of noise and vibration, you have regrettable food and drink, and the close proximity of hordes of other people. It’s all much worse for big people than small.

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Huon’s best festive season bubblies

It’s alarming how much Champagne we drink at my place. I blame it on the major supermarket liquor retailers and the parallel importers, who together are largely responsible for the incredibly good deals Australian Champagne buyers are enjoying. It takes a strong will to resist