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New release pinot noir

Three producers – Ten Minutes by Tractor (the 2013 vintage), Eldridge Estate (the 2014s) and De Salis (2013s) – dominate the 80 new-release pinot noir tasting notes uploaded to the app this month.

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Grapes growing from family trees

In a wine sector that is not exactly enjoying boom times, the NSW wine industry is looking rather positive. After several years of increasing sales, NSW wine has plateau-ed, and is showing only modest growth, “But at least it hasn’t gone backwards” says Stuart McGrath-Kerr, executive officer of the NSW Wine Industry Association. “2.5 per cent is lower than the growth-rate for all wine*, but at least it is growth.”

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Cool, Calm and Respected

Years ago, the late Len Evans used to get on his soapbox at every opportunity and exhort Australia’s winemakers to produce more great wines. We have plenty of workman-like, mid-market, value-for-money wines, he would say, but we badly need more great wines.