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Coravin launches new device

Wine technology company Coravin, has just launched a clever device that will allow wineries, distributors, retailers and wine schools to transfer wine from bottles, tanks or barrels into 100ml sample bottles.

Wine preservation systems

Throughout Stuart Knox’s time opening bottles and pouring glasses in restaurants there has always been a wine preservation system that was offered up as the best thing since sliced bread.

Coravin fails test

Three months ago I was given some of the new Coravin Screw Cap closures. I conducted an experiment to see if they really do work. Here are the results.

Coravin comes to town

The wine preservation device, described by Robert Parker Jnr. as “the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers” of the past three decades, is now on sale in this country.

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A question of wine tampering

Excuse me if I haven’t road-tested the Coravin gadget yet. I haven’t felt the need to shell out US$299 for a piece of kit that may or may not work, which is probably only of interest to mega-wealthy collectors with cellars full of fancy ‘collectable’

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Tasting wine without pulling the cork

The Coravin is a new invention that enables you to taste a wine without actually opening the bottle (as long as it’s cork sealed). A hollow needle is inserted through the cork and wine drawn out of the bottle. Argon gas replaces the wine you