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‘The 24-Hour Wine Expert’ by Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson (pictured) is noted for her serious wine books, erudite books with great depth of information, such as The Oxford Companion to Wine, The World Atlas of Wine and Wine Grapes. Now she’s produced what I suspect is her smallest book so far, The 24-Hour Wine Expert.

‘The Happiest Refugee’ by Anh Do

I can’t visit a new or second-hand bookshop and walk out empty-handed. Consequently, I always have a large pile of books by the bed, waiting to be read. The book I’ve just finished cost $10 at a second-hand bookstall in one of those open-air jumble markets. It’s the most enjoyment I’ve had from $10 for a very long time.

Paired: Champagne and Sparkling Wines

It’s amazing but true. Go to any social gathering, party, celebration in Australia at which fizzy wine is served and you’ll hear people talking about ‘champagne’, even if there is no real Champagne on the go.