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Shiraz is the foundation grape of our image-leaders Penfolds (tastings), Henschke (tastings), Torbreck (tastings), and, it could be argued, the entire Australian wine industry. More than one-quarter of all of our wine is shiraz. All told, I’ve uploaded 198 reviews of shiraz and shiraz-based blends this month. Two of the

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Forty Years Of Fine Wine

It arrived out of the blue – an invitation to taste across the 40-year history of Sally’s Paddock. Everybody in the wine industry seems to be celebrating some kind of anniversary these days: it’s an excuse to have a party, even if they’re only marking 10 years since they buried their old dog beneath their first grapevine.

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Wines for koalas

At a time when winemakers are vigorously diversifying into ‘alternative’ grape varieties, it can be disconcerting to find that a given winery’s shiraz, cabernet, tempranillo and sangiovese all have much the same flavour. Minced gumleaves! Eucalyptol is one of the most volatile and concentrated aromas found in wine. How it gets there has been a subject of argument. Is it gum trees near the vineyard? Does it carry on the wind? Is it in the soil? If the vines are on cleared land, did the gum trees leave a residue that gets into the wine?