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Imports from Wanderlust Wines

Natalie Beath and Erin Robson became friends at university. Their careers embraced wine – Natalie earned a Bachelor of Wine Science and has worked for a number of wine producers in New Zealand and California – Erin joined Montana Wines after university before heading for the UK where she worked in wine marketing for a number of importers and distributors.

Prosecco with a Kiwi accent

Prosecco must rank as one of the most successful wine styles in recent years. This easy-drinking and affordable Italian sparkling wine has hit the spot with drinkers around the globe.

Would you like pepper with that?

New Zealand Syrah is typically a lot more peppery than Australian Shiraz (same grape, different name). Syrah grown in cool conditions tends to be a lot more peppery than Syrah grown in warmer climates and hotter vintages.

Serious Sherry

A tasting of Gonzalez Byass sherries with Bangkok-based export manager Xavier Vicente reminded me that the best examples offer brilliant value. It’s an easily neglected wine style that deserves more of my attention.

113 year-old NZ wine “amazing”

“After 113 years in a farmhouse cellar, a bottle of wine believed to be the oldest ever opened in New Zealand has astonished critics by still tasting great.”

Enthused Dominion Post reporter Caleb Harris. Well, it’s not every day that you attend the opening of a wine that’s older than any living human in this country.

Beware clear bubbly bottles

Tom Stevenson (pictured), chairman of the Champagne Sparkling Wine World Championship (CSWWC), is calling for all producers to restrict the use of clear-glass bottles after experiencing a high percentage of “light-struck” characters in clear-glass entries in the CSWWC.

Mr Grumpy: Sexism on a wine label

d’Arenberg winemaker, Chester Osborne, may have stepped over the mark when he announced the release of a new wine label called ‘The old bloke and three young blondes’, a blend of old Shiraz with three young white grape varieties.

Te Mata new releases

I broke my rule where I refuse to taste wines in front of the winemaker because I was keen to taste the 2014 Bullnose and Coleraine. The tasting was held in a sizeable room. I tasted with a handful (one winemaker suggested the collective noun for wine critics should be “sponge”) of wine critics under the distant watchful eye of winemaker Peter Cowley, who provided background information to each wine without attempting to exert undue influence.