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Wine down, spirits up

Latest figures released by Statistics NZ for the year to December 2015 show that there was a fall in the volume of wine “available for consumption” by 3.3% and a rise in the volume of spirits “available for consumption” by 4.5%. Beer shows little change.

Turning out the lights

Our politicians should think carefully before tightening liquor laws if the Sydney experience is anything to go by. In an effort to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence in bars and clubs, parts of Sydney have been required to shut their doors to new patrons from 1:30am and stop serving alcohol at 3:00am.

Mr Grumpy: Why keep sweetness a secret?

Wine marketers are happy to let us know when a Riesling is dry (even when it is Medium-dry), but few are prepared to reveal the fact that a wine is medium-dry, medium or medium-sweet. I assume they feel that any mention of sweetness could discourage potential buyers. But when someone buys a wine expecting it to be dry or off-dry, they’re going to be even more pissed off when they discover the wine is too sweet for their Bluff oysters.