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Marlborough’s top Pinot producers

To establish the list of top producers I simply found every Marlborough Pinot Noir from 2012 or later that has scored 95 points or better. It’s a bit tough on good producers such as Hans Herzog and Dog Point because I have only tasted one vintage of each. Obviously the more Pinot Noir labels produced the higher a winery is likely to be on my ranking.

Marlborough Pinot Noir

Nobody remembers who came third in athletics or even a World Cup for that matter. The spotlight is firmly on the winner with minor illumination on the second place-getter. So it is with wine regions.

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Chilled Sauvignon is a hot choice

My annual Sauvignon Blanc tasting confirmed that the 2012 vintage produced many remarkable wines. If you like this country’s signature wine, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, I suggest you stock up on this excellent vintage.

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My most frequently asked wine question

One of my favourite television shows is Antiques Roadshow. Everyone enjoys the spectacle of an art expert carefully examining a slightly soiled painting that was retrieved from a rubbish bin and announcing it’s worth ten thousand pounds. The look of astonishment and delight on the owner’s face keeps us tuning in to future episodes.

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Wine Pick

I’ve chosen a mix of wines to suit the change of season. Crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc practically oozes sunshine and is the perfect match for summer seafood dishes. Luscious Pinot Gris is a cross-season wine. So is Pinot Noir, truly a wine for all seasons, while the richer Merlot Cabernet is a reminder to dust off the barbecue.