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The secret of Mas success

“Selling wine to the French is like selling hamburgers to Americans.” Or at least, that was Jean-Claude Mas’ (pictured) thinking when he started Domaines Paul Mas, in France’s Languedoc region, which includes the quirky cheapie brand, Arrogant Frog (tastings). Hence he focused on the export

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Imported reds

I recently tasted my way through a couple of hundred samples from Dan Murphy’s, mostly imported reds and whites, and I was amazed at the quality of many of their exclusive cheapies. These wines focused on the under-$50 area; most were under $20. The value-for-money

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Arrogant Frog

It is possible Jean-Claude Mas has the greatest range of value-for-money wines in the world. I certainly scratch my head trying to think of someone who might beat him. They’re French wines, but inspired by the New World. Arrogant Frog is his best-known brand. You know the label: an insect-gobbling amphibian impersonating a biped, with a jaunty beret, cravat, walking-stick and a glass of wine in one flipper.