The Real Review Stickers


Enhance brand image

Wineries like yours are using The Real Review stickers to help promote their brand image. Stickers are like mini billboards, giving people an opportunity to take notice of your accolade and giving your wine more top-of-mind awareness.

Information that helps make the sale

The Real Review stickers succinctly inform the consumer about your accolade, a highlight that draws eyes to it. Making information like this easier to see attracts attention that can only benefit your wine, especially for the time-sensitive and less informed buyer.

Efficient visual communication

The Real Review has one of the the most active audiences in the wine business today – one that understands the true value of the accolades we give. Using The Real Review stickers immediately communicates a level of quality and (deserved!) confidence in your wine.

Old school social media

Stickers are the original off-line forms of social media and broadcasting! Wineries were posting, pinning, tagging and starting conversations with stickers long before the internet. Impressions are not just about what clicks – but what sticks!

The Stickers


Gold Ribbons are awarded to wines scoring 95 points or more. This is only achieved by 10% of wines that we taste, meaning this is definitely an accolade worth shouting about!


Character and balance. That is what a wine must display if it wants to score 90 points or more on The Real Review. Silver Ribbons are only awarded to wines that are that meet very high standards. If your wine made it to this level, brag about it. Your wine deserves it!


Good to very good. This award is valuable for customers looking for wines for everyday drinking. The Real Review readers will know that these wines are worth a second look.

Good, Excellent and Outstanding Buy

The eye-catching, attractive Good, Excellent and Outstanding Buy stickers help customers identify great value for money.

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AUD79/NZD84 per roll. AUD65/NZD69 for Plus members. Each roll contains 1000 stickers.

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Roll Details: 76mm diameter inner core, unwind direction 4 (wound out with left side of copy dispensing first).

A shipping charge of AUD21/NZD22 will be applied to orders of 1-9 rolls. Rest of world shipping on request.

Shipments to AU/NZ are typically delivered within 7 working days. If delivery is required by a certain date, let us know in the comments.