Our Rating System

We have harmonised both wine and restaurant rating scales, icons and ribbons so consumers are crystal clear on what they mean. We use these icons and ribbons to communicate quality and value.

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Wine Ratings: 100 points

95-100These wines are in the big league. They are truly excellent wines which are fully representative of their region, variety and maker; wines of pedigree, great balance and harmony. They sing with a kind of rightness; an effortlessness; a natural symmetry. Over 95 points, they are the best of their breed, with great distinction, a certain thrill factor – and sometimes even uniqueness.
90-94The 90-point threshold is an important one, both psychologically and practically. 90 points is a silver medal in many wine competitions, and that indicates a very high quality wine. Aside from technical quality, it will possess character, balance and that hard-to-define element, style. And also textural refinement, as opposed to coarseness.
85-89Good to very good, serviceable, fault-free wines for everyday drinking. Some of these will also be cellarable. The best of them are almost silver-medal quality. Even an 85-point wine can be very good value depending on its price.
NR (Not Rated)The initials NR instead of a score usually indicate there was something wrong with the bottle sampled. The usual fault is cork-derived taint or random oxidation (also thought to be due to faulty cork). If there is any such suspicion about a wine, it is usually not rated. A back-up bottle is tasted if available. If impressions are below expectation, knowing that the wine was liked on a different occasion, or the wine is from a producer whose wines are normally rated highly, that bottle may also not be rated. An attempt is usually made to taste another bottle, impressions of that bottle recorded at a later date.

Restaurant Ratings: 30 points

Restaurants are rated out of 30 points along five criteria. Half points are possible. Food and wine represent half of the total maximum score.

CriteriaMaximum Rating
How good was the food?10
How good was the wine list?5
What was the service like?5
How was the atmosphere?5
Does this place have the X-Factor?5

X-Factor is assessed on the following aspects:

  • Does the place deliver something unexpected?
  • What is the level of innovation in the food or restaurant concept?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?

Wine 360s: beyond 100 points

The Real Review comes with our unique Wine 360s, a simple approach for consumers to identify great wineries, wines, and value for money. Our Top Wineries lists and Certificates, Top Wines lists, Top Rank and Top Value awards give you exciting new marketing angles to showcase a winery’s wines to their customers.

Top Wineries

An annually updated list of Top Wineries for Australia and New Zealand, based solely on wines tasted.

Top Ranks and Wine Charts

In many ways more interesting than a 100pt rating, the wine’s ranking shows where it stands relative to its peers of the same variety/style and region.

Top Value awards

Show the value-for-money of a wine based on the average price to be paid for the same quality level and variety/style.