Promotional Tools

In a highly competitive market, it is vital to influence a customer’s purchase decision as effectively as possible.

We know how good your winery and wines are, but do your customers? As the retail market continues to consolidate, direct-to-consumer sales are a significant growth opportunity for many wineries. Hundreds of thousands of readers trust The Real Review for wine guidance and recommendation.

In such a highly competitive market, it is vital to influence a customer’s purchase as effectively as possible.

Award Stickers

A major Australian wine retailer increased their sales by 10% with our bottle stickers.

The vast majority of wine is purchased within a few hours of consumption, so it is crucial to stand out on a bottle shelf when a customer is making their choice.

Bottle stickers are mini billboards, immediately communicating a level of quality, and giving your customer confidence in their purchase.

Social Media & Marketing resources

Use our powerful award graphics for your social media posts. Make sure your marketing is visually effective by using all of the promotional graphics available to you as a Plus member.

Show off your accolades with web and print resolution imagery of The Real Review awards, team members and more.

Email Signatures

Every touchpoint with a customer is a chance to bring your winery's reputation to their top of mind. Top Wineries may use the Top Wineries Certificate graphic in their email signatures. Copy and paste the graphics below into your email signature.

Top Wineries of Australia

Winery of the Year Australia

Top Wineries of New Zealand

Winery of the Year New Zealand

Top Wineries Certificates

In a marketplace obsessed with price, it can be difficult for a winery to be recognised, and continue to be recognised, for quality and consistency. Brand equity is hard to measure, but invaluable and develops over time. With the Top Wineries Certificate and Top Wineries list, we want to bring customers' focus back to where it should be.

The Real Review Top Wineries Certificate is an annual award that helps build and reinforce your reputation with your customers and your peers. Beautifully debossed physical Certificates are available to awarded wineries, perfect for framing, as well as double-sided window stickers. Wineries are entitled to one free Certificate and sticker per year awarded.