Winery Spotlights

Alkina’s prized soils

Alkina is potentially the most exciting new project to hit the Barossa Valley in recent times. It’s the originality of its approach to the traditional grape varieties and wine styles of the region that is so arresting.

Paroa Bay

Paroa Bay is part of a luxury accommodation company, The Lindis Group, which recently bought Clos Ostler, a winery in the Waitaki Valley.

The Landing and 144 Islands

Northland is a very interesting region which is at once the oldest wine region in the country (the first vineyards were planted there in 1819) but also one of the least-known.

Bell Hill’s impressive ageability

Stephen Wong MW had the privilege and pleasure of visiting Bell Hill in late February with a group of writers as part of the New Zealand Fine Wine Story and it was one of the most eye-opening winery visits he has had in this country.

Danbury Ridge making its mark

In the burgeoning English wine scene, in which sparkling wine is widely heralded as the Holy Grail, Danbury Ridge is, counter-intuitively, making waves with its still wines made from chardonnay and pinot noir.

De Beaurepaire’s Rylstone revolution

Anyone who has visited Rylstone, NSW, or even seen it on a map, will surely wonder how it ever got to be included in the Mudgee GI. Convenience, is probably the first answer.