Wine Spotlights

Chardonnay super seconds

Bob Campbell MW trawled through his tastings of chardonnays on The Real Review tasted during the past seven or eight months in search of “super second” wines that punch well above their weight.

Chandon goes ancestrale

The news that Domaine Chandon Australia had produced a ‘méthode ancestrale’ sparkling wine immediately pricked up Huon Hooke’s ears.

Nebbiolo nirvana

This is Nebbiolo Prima, one of the most important wine tasting events in Italy, showcasing the new releases of the region.

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2009

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2009 marks the 50th anniversary between the first and most recent Dom Ruinart vintages, but the choice was not for sentimental or ceremonial reasons.