Wine Insights

The many forms of sparkling

When it comes to wine, there is no more festive style than sparkling, which comes in many forms and covers the full range of price points too.

Organics explained and explored

Organic wine is big news and getting bigger all the time as Australians are increasingly aware of the environment, their own health, and the nexus between them.

Pinot noir in colour

People often remark that Australian pinot noirs are too light, so we must be over-cropping our vineyards.

When riesling was not riesling

How many younger wine drinkers are aware that not so long ago, the word ‘riesling’ on an Australian wine bottle did not mean the wine was made from riesling grapes?

Amphorae explained

An amphora is a pottery vessel used to transport liquids including wine. They were widely used in the Mediterranean thousands of years ago.

Start your own wine club

Bob Campbell MW encourages students at his Wine Certificate Courses to start their own wine club. They can make it as serious or as social as they like.