Wine Insights

Pinot noir in colour

People often remark that Australian pinot noirs are too light, so we must be over-cropping our vineyards.

When riesling was not riesling

How many younger wine drinkers are aware that not so long ago, the word ‘riesling’ on an Australian wine bottle did not mean the wine was made from riesling grapes?

Amphorae explained

An amphora is a pottery vessel used to transport liquids including wine. They were widely used in the Mediterranean thousands of years ago.

Start your own wine club

Bob Campbell MW encourages students at his Wine Certificate Courses to start their own wine club. They can make it as serious or as social as they like.

Head for the hills

An increasing number of New Zealand vineyards are being planted on hillsides despite the extra cost of tending and harvesting hillside vines.

Should wine be decanted?

The late Professor Émile Peynaud was not a fan of aerating wine by decanting it, claiming that the action of oxygen dissolved in a sound wine when ready to serve is usually detrimental.

How frost decimates vineyards

Frost has been much in the news lately, as early spring frosts have decimated vineyards throughout Europe, especially France and the northern half of Italy.