Wine Books

The life and times of Ray King

Ray King, aka the Silver Fox, was one of the wine industry’s most successful chief executives, who ran Mildara and then Mildara Blass for 20 years till 1999 when he retired as CEO. I greatly enjoyed reading his newly published autobiography King’s Run – A Maverick’s Tale of Football, Wine and Business (Sid Harta Publishers, $34.95, paperback, 480 pages).

‘The 24-Hour Wine Expert’ by Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson (pictured) is noted for her serious wine books, erudite books with great depth of information, such as The Oxford Companion to Wine, The World Atlas of Wine and Wine Grapes. Now she’s produced what I suspect is her smallest book so far, The 24-Hour Wine Expert.

‘Sherry, A Modern Guide the World’s Best Kept Secret’ by Talia Baiocchi

Sherry – Spanish Sherry, that is – has a legion of loyal followers but has been out of fashion for quite a few years. So have all fortified wines. But there is something of a revival going on in wine-bars and savvy restaurants. In New York, the resurgence was kicked off by the sommeliers and the mixologists, aka bartenders.

Paired: Champagne and Sparkling Wines

It’s amazing but true. Go to any social gathering, party, celebration in Australia at which fizzy wine is served and you’ll hear people talking about ‘champagne’, even if there is no real Champagne on the go.

Latest Wine Dogs are off the leash

Good news for all wine-loving dog-fanciers: the latest edition of Wine Dogs Australia (Volume 4) is out. This one contains pictures and profiles of pan-lickers at 150 wineries across the country, plus short essays by a veritable roll-call of Aussie wine scribes, including Nick Ryan whose yarn about Winston the border collie wins the gold medal.

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Vintage reading: Best book picks

Books, remember them? Those bundles of thin paper sheets with pretty covers front and back? Well, they’re still making them, for dinosaurs like me. I’ve sighted more new wine books than usual this year, which suggests there’s still a healthy market for them.