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Australia produces some very good malbec, as evidenced by the fact that an Aussie wine won the malbec class at last year’s Six Nations Wine Challenge, beating some very fancy opponents from Argentina. The champion was Bleasdale’s Double Take 2012.

Tasmanian sweeties

Of all the wonderful wines produced in Tasmania, sweet whites probably are the most under-sung. There are fewer of them than the dry versions, of course, and the market for sweet and semi-sweet wines is not massive. But Tasmania has the climate to produce the


Austrian winery Nikolaihof lays claim to being the first biodynamically managed vineyard in Europe. Now, I’m not one to immediately prostrate myself before people just because they practise the arcane philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and his accolytes, but such vineyards do often produce superior wines, I

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Sauvignon blanc

It always surprises me that despite the flood of sauvignon blanc Australia imports from New Zealand, there’s a lot of it also grown – and, presumably, sold – here. My latest tastings suggest there is no easing of Aussie sauvignon blanc production. We aren’t hoisting

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Chateau Tanunda

Further to my recent column on Chateau Tanunda’s 125th anniversary, I’ve uploaded all of my tasting notes from this eye-popping event onto the app.  There are 45 reviewed wines, ranging from the small-volume, expensive reds made from ancient vines, to the commercial lines such

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Single-vineyard semillon

Single-vineyard semillons are becoming quite the thing in the Hunter Valley, as are aged releases. Brokenwood, Tyrrell’s (tastings) and others have long had individual vineyard bottlings which are often then subjected to extended bottle-ageing pre-release, and they are often outstanding.  Brokenwood’s latest is the six

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Tasmanian Wine Show

Five gold medals were awarded to the 2013 pinot noirs entered in this year’s Tasmanian Wine Show, an impressive hit-rate of 10%. My tasting notes for the 49 wines have been posted on the app, together with the 2013 rieslings, 2013-14 pinot gris and grigios

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Pinot gris

I think the word must have got out that I’m fond of pinot gris, such is the stampede of samples that have been coming my way lately. The wine writing community is famously antipathetic towards pinot gris/grigio, so if someone is giving these wines a

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Cabernet sauvignon

You don’t have to spend big money to buy seriously good, ready-drinking cabernet in this country. There’s plenty of value for money in our cabernet sauvignon and cabernet-based blends, as my latest tasting of more than 125 new releases showed. Here’s a list of some

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Australia is a paradise for chardonnay lovers. The calibre of these wines continues to grow, and there is also a pleasing diversity of style which means everyone’s tastes are catered for.  My January tasting of 120 chardonnays is now online, and the highlights are many.