Wine Spotlights

Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial 2019

The Family of Twelve, a group of 12 family wine producers from eight wine regions, is inviting applicants for a second wine tutorial which will take place on August 4th-6th, 2019 at Villa Maria’s Auckland estate.

Forrest’s exceptional value wines

Forrest Estate is small enough to be innovative and experimental but large enough to offer exceptional value in its entry-level Forrest range that are mostly line-priced at around NZD $20.

Riesling of all ages

There were many impressive wines in my riesling tasting, and my preference for a little bottle-age was evident.

End of an era

Kevin and Trina Karstrom have retired after 25 years at the pioneering organic vineyard, Botobolar in Mudgee.

We are family

An increasing number of family wineries are being offered for sale because no one in the family is prepared to take over the business.