A Titanic visit

When the Titanic set sail from Southampton in 1912, it had the best of every foodstuff imaginable aboard, including over 1,500 bottles of wine, including France’s finest.

The meditative effect of fishing

Fly fishing was an antidote for five days of judging wine at Decanter’s World Wine Awards. There is an uncanny correlation between wine judges and fly fishermen.

Expensive UK tripping

It’s expensive to be in the UK today. The Aussie dollar’s exchange rate with the pound has been up and down and pretty poor for many years, but it’s worse now than Huon Hooke has seen it for years.

Trout fishing adventures in New Zealand

This week in New Zealand’s South Island the trout were generally the winners. The weather was perfect—dry and sunny—but trout don’t care what the conditions are like above the surface.

Stellar wine tours of Tasmania

Stel Cusmiani was a well-known figure in the Sydney wine trade for 42 years before moving to Tasmania earlier this year and setting up as a winery tour guide.