Food Reviews

The Wilmot

Good restaurants have a peculiar chemistry. It’s not just about the quality of the food on your plate.

Bel & Brio

This month, Guy Griffin checks out Bel and Brio, a triple-threat bar, restaurant and food emporium at Barangaroo.

Drake Eatery

Like any long-term love affair there are the good days and then there are the bad ones.

Restaurant Hubert

I like a mysterious door. That one beneath the opulent Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala is a beauty. The back-story is that six secret vaults have been discovered under the temple and the doors to five of them have already been prised open. Inside each vault were massive piles of vintage jewels, solid gold statues and coins, with an estimated value of US 20 billion.


“Food of the people – Italian inspired food and wine” is the promising statement on the menu cover. Situated on the new and increasingly trendy North Wharf alongside Auckland’s The Fish Market, the restaurant only takes bookings for groups of eight or more, although was flexible enough to allow us to book a table for six on a Monday evening.


I was excited about dining at Rata, a Queenstown restaurant that more than one local had described as “the region’s best”.

Unicorn Hotel

Sydney’s pubs have survived plagues, temperance ladies, Royal Commissions, sly grog shops, criminal elements, police busts, and state regulation. Still, every few decades we seem to have a screaming bout of the guilts about being a hard drinking town. The latest lock-out laws wind the clock back to the six o’clock swill curfew that marked the close of a day’s trading in the 40’s and 50s (“Time Please Gentlemen !” ). It seems the Lord Mayor finally has her wish to turn Kings Cross into a ‘family friendly’ zone. Hmmm….