Food Reviews

Lankan Filling Station

Lankan Filling Station is a contemporary take on Sri Lankan dining, which has been fragrantly plonked under the noses of the good folk of East Sydney.

Lot. One

Lot. One was an early émigré from the city’s open-cut quarry nightmare, landing up in the moneyed, elegantly residential Rockwall Crescent.


ételek is a pop-up on cosy Roslyn Street, Kings Cross, that is unpretentious and the menu borders on fascinating.


It’s been a long while since I last visited Hartsyard and the word around town is that Llewellyn and Hart have recently made some seismic changes.

Barangaroo House

The big news for Barangaroo in 2018 is the completion of the Solotel group’s Barangaroo House development.

Hotel Centennial

Nowadays we’re getting a lot more than just nachos, guac and stringy cheese at our local.


If Italian cuisine is mostly about good things served on a plate with minimum interpretation, you’re in safe hands at Rosetta.


If you wandered along Sydney’s Ash Street towards Angel Place, knowing nothing of the food on offer here, somehow I doubt Bacco would beckon.

Bondi Trattoria

When Bondi’s wet she has a special appeal. The party girl seems gentler, smaller, more thoughtful on rainy days.