Food and Wine

Wine and food mismatching

Kingsley Wood toasted Christmas with the same vintage of Dom as the previous year but was disappointed. It was nothing like the wine they had tasted the previous year.

Fish and white wine perfection

Reading the recipe of this My Food Bag dish, Bob Campbell MW predicted it would make a great match. Chardonnay seemed the obvious choice, but finally, he chose three wines.

Persian spiced lamb and syrah

To compensate for the dreariness of lockdown, I subscribed to My Food Bag, which I heartily recommend. One of the high points has been this Persian spiced lamb with butter-roasted eggplant and tabbouleh.

Dinner parties done simply

A dinner party with friends need not be an elaborate affair. The hosts need not slave away in the kitchen preparing a gourmet menu while depriving themselves of the desired contact with their friends that inspired the evening in the first place.

BBQ magic

Bob Campbell MW enjoys cooking on the barbecue and has a particular weakness for Webers.