Australia’s most collectable wines

The Tolpuddle Chardonnay is becoming very collectable according to Wine Ark. Tolpuddle Wines

What are the most collectable Australian wines?

Wine Ark, which claims to be Australia’s biggest wine cellarage facility, with over a million bottles in storage, has released its list of the 50 most collectable—and there are some significant shifts happening in our cellaring habits.

It’s a rare peep into the cellars of Aussie collectors.

Wine Ark says that while full-bodied wines from South Australia are always popular, it’s clear that there’s a distinct shift towards more elegant, cool-climate wines from small, boutique winemakers.

Wine Ark’s Most Collected Wines of 2023 shows:

  • Penfolds Grange is Australia’s most collected wine
  • By state, South Australian wines are the most popular among collectors
  • By region, Barossa Valley dominates, followed by Hunter Valley
  • Shiraz is the most collected variety, followed by chardonnay
  • White wines were not left behind, with chardonnay, riesling and semillon making the list.
Wine Ark says that while full-bodied wines from South Australia are always popular, it’s clear that there’s a distinct shift towards more elegant, cool-climate wines from small, boutique winemakers.

John Cuff, head of Wine Ark, commented:

“Due to the number of bottles in the count, it takes a large change to shift wines in the Top 10. This year, six wines in the Top 10 adjusted positions. This is the second edition in a row that sees Penfolds Grange be the most collected wine in Australia, which is also one of the country’s most expensive wines, again emphasising the importance of this iconic wine to Australian wine collectors.”

However, it wasn’t entirely positive news for Penfolds and other established producers:

“We are seeing a big shift away from many of the classic old cellar staples such as Penfolds, Wynns, Seppelt and Lindemans towards cooler climate producers such as Tolpuddle, Mount Mary, Yarra Yering and Crawford River,” Cuff said.

“What is also interesting is the vast number of bottles of collectable chardonnay being stored by Australian collectors, spearheaded by perennial favourite Leeuwin Estate (Art Series) as the ninth most collected wine. Other producers, such as Giaconda, Tolpuddle, Lakes Folly, Pierro and Mount Mary, all seeing large positional gains for their chardonnays.”

Highlights from Wine Ark’s list of Australia’s Top 50 Most Collected Wines of 2023:

5 thoughts on “Australia’s most collectable wines”

  1. Avatar
    Malcolm Short says:

    Well, I guess it’s hard to be definitive without the actual numbers. All I can say is that in recent on-line surveys of about 100 wine enthusiasts in Australia, more than 30% listed Wynns BL as their most cellared wine, with Rockford BP, Pennies Bin389 and Wendouree Shiraz all up these. I think there was only one who listed Grange. Undoubtedly, not many of those polled use Wine Ark, but many like myself use other professional storage like Kennards and National Storage

  2. Avatar
    Peter Gunning says:

    Not as outrageous as I was expecting. While you could hardly call these cheap wines, this is not a list of the most expensive. It was interesting to see on this list a number of wines of moderate price that reward 10 plus years in the cellar like the Rockford Rifle Range and the Rod and Spur, the Penfolds Bin 28 and of course, the Wynns Black Label. It suggests wine-wise commitment to cellaring that is not primarily based on the dollar cost of the wines. Makes me smile!

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      Agreed Peter, and as we both know, there is no substitute for a home cellar. Paid cellarage to my mind is for the wines you never intend to drink yourself.

  3. Avatar
    Malcolm Short says:

    Good story, but I’m sorry, the cynic in me says that this is just an infomercial for Wine Ark, their managed cellarage is expensive, it tends to attract the expensive labels. To suggest this represents the most poplar wines stored in Australia is misleading. Sure, lots of people have Grange, but the most popular wine that is cellared in Australia in some form (under the stairs, in a private cellar or in professional storage) is undoubtedly Wynns Black Label cabernet. Other labels such as Rockford Basket Press Shiraz and Penfolds Bin389 are also up there, but not Grange by a long way.

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      Fair comment, but Wynns does come in at number 8. I think an awful lot of Grange is bought be wealthy speculators who never intend to drink it, just stick it in storage and plan to sell it some day at a profit. It’s part of the investment portfolio, along with the classic cars and waterfront real estate.

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