New Zealand Winegrowers Annual Report 2021

Marlborough dominates in productive vineyard area with 70.3%. NZ Wine

New Zealand Winegrowers have just released their annual report. It provides a useful snapshot of the New Zealand wine industry. Here are some of the key points.

Exports crack through the NZD $2 billion barrier

A decade ago the industry set a challenging objective to double export revenue to NZD $2 billion in ten years. It has achieved that goal. Exports reached NZD $2.1 billion for the year ending December 2020. The year to June 2021 dropped slightly to NZD $1.87 billion probably through supply constraints.

Tonnes of grapes crushed in 2021 was 370,000, down by 19% on the previous year.

Over 96% of New Zealand’s vineyard area is certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.

The National Vineyard

Vineyard area rose to a record 40,323 hectares in the last year, an increase of 1% in that period and a rise of 14% in the past decade.

Sauvignon blanc accounts for 63% of the area of the national vineyard, followed by pinot noir (14.3%), chardonnay (7.9%), pinot gris (6.9%) and merlot (2.7%).

Marlborough dominates in productive vineyard area (70.3%) followed by Hawke’s Bay (11.5%), Central Otago (5%), North Canterbury (3.7%), Gisborne (2.9%), Wairarapa (2.7%) and Nelson (2.7%).

The ranking changes when measured on the basis of tonnes crushed in 2021 with Gisborne moving into third place followed by Central Otago, Nelson, North Canterbury and Wairarapa.

Vintage 2021

Tonnes of grapes crushed in 2021 was 370,000, down by 19% from the previous year. The average yield (tonnes per hectare) was 9.2%, down by 19.3% on the previous year and 9.5% down on the average yield for the past decade.

Domestic sales/consumption

Domestic sales of New Zealand wine fell slightly by 1.6% while consumption per capita of New Zealand wine dropped by 4%.

NZ Winegrowers membership

A total of 14 new winemaker members and 38 grape growers signed up in the year to June 2021. There are now 731 wineries and 732 grape grower members.


The USA is New Zealand’s leading export market (NZD $589 million) followed by the UK (NZD $449 million), Australia (NZD $380 million) and Canada (NZD $113 million).

Sauvignon blanc dominates export sales with 85% of export revenue, followed by pinot noir (3.8%), pinot gris (3.7%), and rosé (2.8%).


Australia was the source of nearly half of New Zealand’s NZD$248.8 million wine imports followed by France (28%), Italy (10%) and Spain (2.2%)

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