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What will you be drinking on cabernet day? Pexels

Next Thursday, September 2nd, is international cabernet day, so says my digital calendar.

There’s a date in the calendar for everything these days. My calendar is inexplicably choked with dates that are irrelevant to me. Do I give a toss about national French fries day, national cheesecake day, national ice-cream cone day? Er, no.

My iCal is inexplicably choked with dates that are irrelevant to me.

They clutter up the calendar so that I can easily miss appointments that DO matter, such as international drink old Barolo and eat truffled risotto day. (No, I made that one up)

On the subject of comestibles, I couldn’t help but notice the bizarre timing of national white wine day (August 4) and national oyster day (August 5). So, what do they want us to do (whoever ‘they’ are)? Drink white wine and eat oysters on different days? By themselves?

Chablis. Champagne. Muscadet. Hunter semillon. Even sauvignon blanc … I reserve the right to scoff freshly-shucked bivalves and guzzle my white wine of choice, together.

I’m mounting a campaign to combine national oyster day and national white wine day, so that we can officially drink white wine with our oysters, without worrying about the calendar police banging on the door.

Who’s in?

PS: A confession: I got sucked in by the idea of international cabernet day, so I’ve rifled the cellar and pulled out bottles of 1991 Wynns Black Label and 1991 Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon. The 1991 vintage was great in South Australia and at 30 years, they should be hot to trot.

What will you be drinking on cabernet day?

2 thoughts on “A day for everything”

  1. Huon Hooke
    Huon Hooke says:

    Let’s be radical and combine red meat with Cabernet. I agree ‘91 versus ‘’90, BTW.

  2. Avatar
    Warwick Mason says:

    those were the day’s when for not many dollars you could buy varietal wines like Wyns coonawarra cab sav black label $15nz true to region for a snip, making them great choices if organising a wine options tasting as the regional difference of Coonawarra verse other Australian regions was clearly distinguishable.
    The 90 verse 91 south ozzy vintage are similar to 98 v 99 where the earlier vintage at the time received all the accolades.
    Ten years on the later vintage 91 and 99 proved a better choice for ageing.
    I will equal your wager for cabinet day and try black label 90 v 91 together or though a quick trip down the stairs to wine cellar shows 91 with quite a few gongs on the label.
    Currently NZ is at covid 19 level 4 lockdown for now coming up two two weeks.
    We south islanders with to date no delta virus transmission can hopefully next week come out of lockdown and celebrate 2nd September communally other wise those wines will last more than a night and clash with hopefully red meat day.
    warwick mason

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