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L-R: Todd Stevens, Rosie Finn and Tim Finn. Neudorf Wines

Neudorf is going “Back to the Future” according to Sales and Marketing Director, Rosie Finn. Rosie and winemaker, Todd Stevens, plan to reinforce the aims that founders, Tim and Judy Finn, had when they first planted vines at Neudorf in 1978,

“Minimal intervention, single vineyard, organic, good for the planet wines that speak of their place.”

To achieve those goals they have planted more chardonnay and albariño on Rosie’s Block and all Neudorf estate-owned wines will be organically certified.

Winemaker Todd says,

“This evolution recognises the uniqueness of our Moutere clays. We have exceptional sites here at Neudorf and it demands little from us in the winery. If we can guide grapes into wine of integrity, without buggering it up, we are content.”

“If we can guide grapes into wine of integrity, without buggering it up, we are content.” – Todd Stevens

In future Neudorf Wines will be divided into two distinct brands:

  1. Classic Neudorf estate-owned wines, labelled Neudorf Moutere
    • Exclusively from Neudorf-owned vineyards; Home vineyard, Tom’s Block & Rosie’s Block.
    • All organically certified (Tom’s Block will become organically certified from the 2020 vintage).
    • All grown on Moutere clay.
    • Includes chardonnay, pinot noir, riesling, albariño and pinot gris.
  1. Growers Series wines labelled Tiritiri (Te Reo meaning “cultivate or grow”)
    • Not necessarily Moutere clay.
    • May not be organic, although being organic is a goal.
    • Have some control over viticulture, cropping levels etc.
    • To acknowledge growers.
    • Includes chardonnay, pinot gris, rosé and sauvignon blanc

These are not radical changes, but they do formalise the distinction between estate-grown and grower wines. Neudorf’s Chardonnay portfolio expands to four wines with the addition of Tiritiri Chardonnay. Rosie’s Block Chardonnay previously included a small portion of chardonnay from a grower vineyard on the Moutere clays, but in future will be made from 100% Rosie’s Block grapes.

The Home Block vineyard included a small portion of pinot gris vines, the grapes from which were blended with pinot gris grapes from a grower vineyard in the Moutere to produce Neudorf Moutere Pinot Gris. In future, Neudorf will produce a small amount (200 cases) of Neudorf Moutere Pinot Gris Home Block in addition to a Tiritiri Pinot Gris.

Small changes that reinforce Neudorf’s integrity and diversity.

The Neudorf Tiritiri Sauvignon Blanc 2019 – Tiritiri is a new brand for Neudorf and is Te Reo meaning to cultivate or grow. Tirtiri sits under the Estate label, is made from grower grapes and is not necessarily made from organic grapes or grapes grown on the Waimea Plains. It’s worth noting that the previous vintage of this wine was grown on the Waimea Plains and had the same recommended retail price. Nonetheless, the revised branding does draw a rather clearer line in the sand.

A serious rather than showy sauvignon (always looking for alliteration opportunities) with concentrated melon, apple and citrus flavours that dominate an array of more subtle notes (try ginger and roasted nut). A good food wine. (NZD $25)

Neudorf’s Moutere Albariño 2019 (Rosie’s Block) is a stylish albariño with typical citrus, mandarin and subtle stone fruit and apricot flavours. Nice weight and texture with tangy, fruity acidity driving a lengthy finish. Delicious now but promises to continue giving pleasure for a few more years. (NZD $33)

Finally, the Neudorf Tiritiri Pinot Gris 2019 is a ripe, soft pinot gris with white peach, ripe pear and subtle lime-citrus flavours. A delicately succulent wine with an initial hint of sweetness leading to a crisp and satisfyingly dry finish. (NZD $25)

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