Mr Grumpy: courier delivery drivers

I receive a lot of deliveries by courier. They are mainly wine samples or online purchases. For example, I got a carton of lamb chops yesterday. They went to the wrong address and the courier delivery person chose to dump them without knocking on the door, but I was expecting that to happen so the chops were fine when I did finally track them down.

A number of couriers choose to ignore that advice and leave packages in the open where they are exposed to sun and rain.

Because I receive numerous deliveries I have a large green courier bin. I ask suppliers to label deliveries with the instruction “Leave in green courier bin.” I attached a large label to the bin with the words “Courier Bin” in case they think it is a chair or coffee table.

A number of couriers choose to ignore that advice and leave packages in the open where they are exposed to sun and rain. When that happens, I send a polite email to the courier company asking if their delivery person could please follow the instructions on the package. Nothing changes.

Here’s a tip for overseas deliveries.

I receive a number of wine samples from Australia. Most arrive without a problem. Occasionally I will receive a call from the courier company or a customs official advising that I need to pay duty or GST. I refuse to pay, suggesting they return to sender. The package always arrives in due course. It’s cheaper to make a local delivery than to send it back across the ditch.

2 thoughts on “Mr Grumpy: courier delivery drivers”

  1. Deb Pearce says:

    (Posted on behalf of Ken Gargett)
    Hi Bob, happy new year.
    I have similar problems. My bloke from Aust Post is fantastic (looks after wine deliveries until he knows I am home) but most couriers don’t care. I used to ask the wineries to swap to Aust Post but they took no notice. So I started pointing out to wineries that they probably would prefer not to have their wines reviewed after they had been enjoying the Qld sun for a few days and suddenly things started to change.
    Still get plenty of couriers who ignore directions – got home after a week away recently to find a case of Champagne sitting on the footpath and on one occasion, a delivery came from a very highly regarded Kiwi winery. The courier decided that he better not leave it out in the sun. But forgot to mention to anyone what he did. So, about a month later, I found the case hidden in the compost bin.
    I think it is a never-ending battle but good luck.

  2. Brian H says:

    It’s a tough job, but some couriers do it consistently better than others.
    In Australia I seldom buy from merchants who use one particular company, or buy only if they agree to send via Aus Post instead.
    For the particular company I avoid, nothing has really changed for more than 10 years in my area, with at least 4 franchisee changes in that time.
    My security camera recorded one driver returning to check the name on the label so he could forge a signature for a signature-required item he had dumped without even ringing the doorbell.

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