Herzog’s heroes

Hans Herzog in the vineyard. (Photo: Hans Herzog Wines)

Hans Herzog is one of Marlborough’s most precious vinous and culinary gems. This small-volume, high-quality producer brings Swiss tradition to its unique range of wines while its Michelin-star inspired restaurant takes the best of Marlborough cuisine to a new level.

Herzog’s wines are impressively concentrated and wonderfully complex. They show European flair with flavours that are best described as vinous rather than fruity. Hans Herzog doesn’t do fruit juice.

Here are some newly released wines.

The 2016 Hans Herzog Viognier is a good example of the Herzog style with intense and complex flavours that express spice, brioche, toast and floral characters rather than simple fruits. A very slight cork wood, not taint, character detracted slightly. (sealed with Diam – NZD $53)

Hans Herzog’s 2014 Zweigelt is a rich and warming wine made from Austria’s most popular red grape variety that is a cross between st laurent and blaufränkisch. A deep-tinted wine that will appeal to lovers of big red wines. (NZD $53)

The 2012 Hans Herzog Grand Duc Pinot Noir is a savoury and intense red with layers of floral, berry, herbs and spices. A very impressive pinot noir that is unlike any other from Marlborough. (NZD $69)

Finally, the 2013 Hans Herzog Spirit of Marlborough Merlot Cabernet should silence anyone who believes that Marlborough is not the place to grow Bordeaux varieties. It has a great texture, with ripe fruit interwoven with savoury characters. It will age well. (NZD $69)

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