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Xanadu Winemakers (Left to Right) Glenn Goodall, Brendan Carr and Steve Kyme. (Photo: Xanadu Wines)

This must be some kind of record: Xanadu cabernet sauvignons have won the trophy for the best cabernet sauvignon at the national wine show six years in a row.

This year’s winner was the 2016 Xanadu Stevens Road Cabernet Sauvignon, which is due for release next June.*

“I remember when we won three on the trot, we were pinching ourselves and wondering how it could have happened. Now there’s six,” said the gob-smacked chief winemaker Glenn Goodall.

On top of this impressive record of success, Xanadu also won the national show’s 2018 Red Wine of Provenance award.

This news comes on top of Xanadu winning the 2018 Jimmy Watson Trophy at Royal Melbourne, arguably the most coveted red wine award in Australian competitions, with its 2016 Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon (AUD $39).

The National Wine Show of Australia in Canberra is arguably the best of the best, as it comes at the end of the show year and every wine must have previously won an award at one of the other major shows: it’s a condition of entry.

Xanadu’s previous winners have included the AUD $39 Margaret River Cabernet, and even the lower-priced AUD $24 DJL cabernet, as well as the super-premium Stevens Road (AUD $75).

On top of this impressive record of success, Xanadu also won the national show’s 2018 Red Wine of Provenance award – which is open to three vintages of the same wine, spanning at least a decade. These kinds of awards, which are a recent addition at several of our wine shows, attempt to recognise and reward consistency of quality and age-worthiness over several years. The winning vintages this year were the 2007, 2010 and 2017 vintages of Xanadu’s regular Margaret River cabernet sauvignon.

The complete list of Xanadu’s ‘best cabernet sauvignon’ trophies in Canberra is as follows:

And in 2012, three different Xanadu cabernets won gold medals (but no trophies); in 2011, Xanadu again won best cabernet sauvignon; and in 2010, when the trophy structure was different, a Xanadu cabernet was best red wine of show.

At the risk of you readers glazing over, the depth of Xanadu’s cabernet achievements requires that I list all of its gold medal cabernets at this year’s Canberra show. Gold went to Stevens Road cabernet sauvignon 2015, 16 and 17; Margaret River cabernet sauvignon 2015 and 17; and DJL cabernet sauvignon 2016.

How does Xanadu do it?

Next week, I’ll publish an interview with chief winemaker Glenn Goodall, in which he sheds plenty of light on Xanadu’s secrets of cabernet success.

*This wine actually won three trophies, the others being for best red wine of show and best single-vineyard red wine.

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