Three Champagne keepers

Why would you want to keep an opened bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine? As ridiculous as it may sound, a lot of people do.

Opened bottles of fizz keep remarkably well for days, even weeks, as long as you keep the gas in, with a good stopper.

After many years of experience keeping opened bottles of the best fizz after tastings for later enjoyment, I’ve come to a few conclusions. Firstly, those gadgets that clamp the neck of the bottle and rely on an internal spring applying pressure to a padded disc, are not very reliable. The spring often plays up, the padded disc skews, the seal is broken and the gas escapes. Result: flat fizz.

Second observation: opened bottles of fizz keep remarkably well for days, even weeks, as long as you keep the gas in, with a good stopper. Refrigeration is also recommended.

Below are the three best keepers I’ve found.

There is a fourth, a small cylinder that sits on the neck like a screw-cap, and you turn it to tighten it. I got some at Moët & Chandon in Champagne years ago, which worked very well, but I’ve gradually lost them and haven’t been able to replace them*.

Champagne keeper 1

This is made by the Screwpull folk who produce corkscrews and other wine accessories. It is a clamp, but a far more reliable clamp than the above-mentioned type, as it doesn’t have a spring. It’s solidly built, of what appears to be cast aluminium alloy, and is hard-wearing and satisfyingly weighty.

I see Le Creuset has a very similar one, which is AUD $55.95 from Kitchen Warehouse. Not cheap, but it’ll probably last forever.

Champagne keeper 2

This is a lighter, simpler clamp style, no doubt much cheaper to make, and like the Screwpull, works without a spring. It’s idiot-proof and reliable.

Costs AUD $3.75 at Barware. Chrome versions look smarter and cost AUD $19.95.


Champagne keeper 3

This is my favourite, as it’s light, simple, cheaply made and looks nice, is all plastic and ultra-reliable. Sadly, I’ve never seen it in a shop*. Yes, it would break quite easily, as it’s not very strong, but I’ve been using them for years and have never broken one.

*If you know where these stoppers can be purchased, please leave a comment below.

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