The French wine quiz

Mouton-Rothschild missed out on First Growth status in the 1855 Classification of the Medoc. When did the property get an upgrade?

Which country has a national vineyard that’s larger than the area under vines in France?

Which is not registered under France’s wine classification system?

Which is the most widely planted red grape variety in France?

Which is the most widely planted white grape variety in France?

Which is France’s largest wine region?

In 2007 what percentage of the French national vineyard was planted in white grape varieties?

Which is the most basic level in the current wine classification system?

Nearly three-quarters of France’s grapevines were destroyed by phylloxera. In what year did phylloxera first strike in France?

Which century marks the birth of winemaking in France?

2 thoughts on “The French wine quiz”

  1. Robert O'Brien says:

    I don’t understand if Australia’s national vineyard is greater than France , how come it is said more wine is grown in Bordeaux than all of Australia ?

    1. Bob Campbell MW
      Bob Campbell MW says:

      Sorry, my mistake, the correct answer is Spain.

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