From Fromm with love

Hätsch Kalberer (pictured) steadfastly goes where few are brave enough to tread and makes impressive malbec and syrah. (Photo: Bob Campbell MW)

Fromm is one of Marlborough’s highest performing wine producers (6th best in Marlborough and 29th overall according to The Real Review’s Top Wineries of New Zealand 2018) thanks at least in part to the dedication of winemaker, Hätsch Kalberer, who teamed up with founder George Fromm in 1992.

“Syrah pleasantly surprises us time and time again.” – Hätsch Kalberer

Chardonnay and pinot noir are Fromm’s best known and most highly acclaimed wines, but Hätsch steadfastly goes where few are brave enough to tread and makes impressive malbec and syrah, two varieties that in Marlborough are on the edge of their ability to ripen successfully. “Syrah pleasantly surprises us time and time again,” says Hätsch modestly. He describes Malbec as “the most eccentric and misbehaved grape in our vineyard.”

The Fromm Clayvin Vineyard Chardonnay 2016 is a legendary wine with an impressive ability to age well. Seductively ripe peach and tree fruit flavours with a tease of hazelnut and spicy oak that allows the fruit to occupy centre-stage. A powerful wine. (NZD $65)

Fromm’s La Strada Syrah 2016 has a haunting floral and berry perfume with a seasoning of pepper. A dense and reasonably ripe wine offering value at this price. (NZD $38)

The Fromm Fromm Vineyard Syrah 2016 is more intense and complex than the La Strada and clearly shows more cellaring potential. A dense and slightly closed red with a bright future. (NZD $65)

Finally, the Fromm Fromm Vineyard Malbec 2016 has the intensity, weight and character of a good example from Argentina but with more energy and structure (and longevity) than most. (NZD $65)

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