New Zealand wine quiz

Marlborough has the highest number of wineries. Which region has the second highest?

Which winery is not a member of the Maori Winemakers Collective?

What is the oldest existing winemaker in New Zealand?

Which is The Real Review’s Top New Zealand Winery?

How many vineyards are there in New Zealand?

If a wine claims to be low alcohol the alcohol level must be less than:

The alcohol level on the label of wine sold in NZ is allowed what level of tolerance?

How many standard drinks are there in a 750ml bottle of wine with 10% abv measured at 20°C?

If a wine is labelled “sauvignon gris” it must be:

Which vintage holds the record for most tonnes of grapes harvested?

One thought on “New Zealand wine quiz”

  1. Mahmoud Ali says:

    Only 4/10 – shows how little I know about the NZ wine industry. I was surprised to see Framingham ahead of Te Mata but should have thought of it because I tasted their rieslings at the Riesling Riot event in Sydney and have one of their guitar picks in my carry all!

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