Greek encounters of the food kind

The Cyclades island of Patmos (Photo: Windy City Travel website)

Why is there nothing like this in Sydney, we puzzled, as our sailing crew of six tucked into a delicious meal at a taverna on the waterfront on the Cyclades island of Patmos. The food was simple, fresh, tasty, authentic Greek tucker.

Octopus marinated in vinegar; lemony eggplant salad; Greek salad of the reddest and most tasty tomatoes, fresh feta (not salty) and crisp lettuce; spanking fresh red mullet and blackfish; fava bean salad; tzatziki loaded with garlic and dill; fried zucchini balls; tabbouleh, and a tuna and rocket salad, all mopped up with good bread, and a marvelous olive oil and lemon dressing for the fish.

Is there a place like this, and as good as this, in Manly? Or the northern beaches? Or Cronulla? There should be.

But on reflection, perhaps you should have to go to Greece for this sort of food. It’s part of the joy of travel.

Our trip began with another excellent and very Greek dinner on the rooftop of Taverna Psaras in Athens.

Biblia Chora Kthma 2017 blended dry white (a sauvignon blanc blend) and 2016 Gerovassiliou Aeykoz Oinoz (also a white blend) both from the northern Greek region, Epanomi. These were both deliciously clean, bright, refreshing dry whites with lovely fruit and inviting aromas. Both 13.5% alcohol and inexpensive.

A reminder that Greek wine, especially white wine, has come forward in leaps and bounds in recent years.

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